Our mission

We love our brands.

We support them every day with passion and enthusiasm. We do this by understanding our customers, listening, and creating unique shoes. By being close to our customers, be it in Purchasing, Sales or IT Services, we offer our customers added value that builds satisfaction. Our staff are living proof of our mission to excite our customers every single day.

real Passion

We create real passion.


Our values

Together we are

We can only do this if we deploy and develop every member of staff in line with his or her strengths. This is the only way for us to grow together and collaborate to get the very best for our customers. We maintain and live by our values – from customer orientated to staff orientated.

Customer orientated

We know what the
customer wants.

In a demanding market, everything we think and do is tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers. We are a brand and set trends. We offer an outstanding price-performance ratio for both products and services.


We are a strong partner to modern forms of retail and
high-performing producers.

In our business relationships, we work towards long-term, trust-based partnerships that benefit both sides.

Business minded

Our actions and decisions are targeted towards economic success and constant further development in a consistent and productive way.

We are financially strong and independent, allowing us to act flexibly and innovatively. Our decisions are based on profit, ensuring both growth and independence.


We always act sustainably and take care to use resources responsibly.

We advocate social and environmental standards and their implementation. In our business activities, we take responsibility for our staff, our environment and our region.

Fair, open and with confidence

We act on the basis of fairness, mutual respect and integrity.

We represent loyalty, appreciation and sincerity – any conflicts are resolved through collaboration. We inform our staff and partners about key developments within the Group, building the foundation for cooperation based on trust.

Staff orientated

We offer our staff a modern workplace and both diverse and individual opportunities for development.

With short distances and flat hierarchies, we create a high level of identification with the Group. We represent performance-related remuneration and high job security. We support our staff in their personal and professional development.