Wortmann. Worldwide.

As Europe's undisputed market leader, our innovative and successful group of companies is setting new standards in shoe production and sales with its fashion expertise and quality. With more than 30,000 employees worldwide, the Wortmann Group sells its products in over 70 countries.

The fashion business thrives on constant change. Which means we need innovation, flexibility and a good feeling for fashion trends. Our success story is proof that our highly motivated team excels in meeting these demands. Our employees are behind our corporate objectives with their personal enjoyment and dedication. We deliver peak performance, ensuring our company is always at the peak.

6 locations in Europe

Our locations in Europe are in the following cities and countries: Detmold, Pirmasens, Moscow, Italy, Austria and UK.

8 locations in Asia

Our locations in Asia are in the following cities and countries: Dongguan, Hong Kong, Wenzhou, Kambodscha, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan.