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  1. What is your job title and what activities are behind it?

    My job title is Head of Marketing & E-Commerce for MARCO TOZZI. In this role, I share responsibility for establishing the MARCO TOZZI brand and driving its e-commerce business.

  2. What brought you to Wortmann?

    Even before I left school, I knew I wanted to study in a dual degree programme, so that I could combine theory and practice and gain some early professional experience. Working for a company whose product I could identify with was also important to me. I was crazy about shoes at the time, and quickly heard about the Wortmann Group in Detmold. With five shoe brands, it seemed like the perfect employer for me. My wish to work here came true in August 2012.

  3. What makes your work special?

    There are so many things that make my work special, if not unique, to me. I really enjoy being part of a big team that succeeds in tackling new challenges every day. There is always a very pleasant atmosphere that helps to make sure that work is always enjoyable, even in stressful situations. My wide-ranging field of activities and the opportunities I am given to "just get on with it" give me a wealth of new experience and contact with a huge variety of people. That all helps me to develop further all the time.

  4. What is Wortmann like as an employer?

    At Wortmann, it feels like I am part of a big family, in which everyone helps everyone else with their tasks and flat hierarchies make the working environment very pleasant. Wortmann is also an employer that supports its younger staff in particular. As soon as they finish their apprenticeship or degree, it enables young professionals to take on a job with responsibility, contribute their own ideas and thus play a small part in the company's success.

  5. If you had to describe Wortmann in three words, what would they be?

    Target-orientated, dynamic, familial

  6. Tell us about a unique Wortmann experience you have had.

    I have had so many great and defining experiences in my career at Wortmann to date that I would find it hard to pick just one unique experience. However, I can say that the TV commercial productions and photo shoots with our brand ambassador and designer Guido Maria Kretschmer are always a big highlight for me. As part of the cooperation with Guido, we have one production day per season, for which we work intensively with our agencies for weeks. On this day, the collections that Guido designs for MARCO TOZZI are shot together with him and staged for numerous TV spots. The production of social media content also takes place on this day. I still remember very clearly the first time I met Guido and how excited I was when he entered the set for the first time. But Guido's really unbelievably pleasant, authentic and down-to-earth manner ensured that everyone involved in the production immediately lost their previous tension and we had a wonderful production with lots of fun and many great conversations. Even though I have already had the opportunity to work with Guido several times thanks to my job, I always remember the first meeting very well and I look forward to working with him together again in the future.