User reviews


  1. What is your job title and what activities are behind it?

    I am a product manager at Tamaris and responsible for the brand's casual/functional shoes. As a product manager, I look after the Asian market on the procurement side. I often travel to China where we have a development centre and develop part of the Tamaris collection there. But product management is not just about development - we are responsible for our shoes throughout the entire product life cycle: from the creation of the collection, to price negotiations, and finally to (hopefully) successful sales in one of the more than 300 Tamaris stores across Europe.

  2. What brought you to Wortmann?

    After graduating from school, I first wanted to gain practical experience on international level, which would help me find the "right" studies for me. A 2-year apprenticeship as an industrial clerk was therefore exactly the right starting point for my professional career. Since I enjoyed the training so much, I was unwilling to leave the exciting world of an internationally successful company for full-time studies. So, after completing my apprenticeship, I joined a dual study programme as a trainee in product management.

  3. What makes your work special?

    The variety. Commercial knowledge paired with highly emotional product development and technical know-how for one of Europe's best-known brands. One of the most versatile jobs you can imagine.

  4. What is Wortmann like as an employer?

    Flat hierarchies and a familiar atmosphere.

  5. If you had to describe Wortmann in three words, what would they be?

    Dynamic, young, challenging.

  6. Tell us about a unique Wortmann experience you have had.

    When I walk back from my lunch break in the gym to the office during my stays in China and I see numerous buildings decorated with the brands of the Wortmann Group - for me it is unique to see that Wortmann is so successful and present 13,000km away from our company headquarters, in a foreign country, on a foreign continent.