What is your job title and what activities are behind it?

I am a Junior Sales Manager at the Wortmann Group.

In this role, I work at the Group level, supporting our Chief Sales Officer in all issues regarding sales.

What brought you to Wortmann?

I had long known that I wanted to go to university, ideally to do a dual degree programme. The opportunity to put what I had learned in the theory phases into practice straight away in the practical phases appealed to me much more than a purely theoretical programme.

Wortmann offered its dual degree programme in collaboration with LDT Nagold in southern Germany for the first time in 2010. Born in Detmold, I was familiar with Bielefeld and Paderborn, but not Nagold. I decided to apply for a place on the dual degree programme.

What makes your work special?

There is a lot that makes my job stand out. One special feature is the fact that most of my activities are Group-wide, so my preparations always take all the Wortmann Group brands into account. The wide range of activities also means that I am constantly having to learn about new and varied fields.

What is Wortmann like as an employer?

A fast pace and dynamism are no longer just features of the fashion industry, but of modern life in general. Despite this, at Wortmann I always have the feeling that I work not for a large corporation, but for a down-to-earth family company.

Short decision-making processes and personal contact with colleagues, superiors and the management create a very positive working environment at the company.

If you had to describe Wortmann in three words, what would they be?

Down-to-earth, dynamic, familial

Tell us about a unique Wortmann experience you have had.

I still remember the first time I attended a trade fair to this day. It was a very special atmosphere. What made it so special was not only the warm welcome I received from the trade fair team, but especially meeting so many customers face-to-face whom I otherwise only knew from phone calls and emails.