What is your job title and what activities are behind it?

I work as an HR Project Coordinator at the Wortmann Group.

My role includes developing and supervising internal projects that predominantly affect staff at our headquarters. Aiming to make sure Wortmann remains a modern, attractive employer, I work together with the HR department and the company management on issues that affect our corporate culture and the development of our organisation.

How did you come to work at Wortmann?

While studying for my school leaving certificate, I started looking for a course that would give me a foundation in business, but which most importantly appealed to me personally. An international focus and the opportunity to carry on learning foreign languages were also very important to me.

So what impressed me initially with Wortmann were the international strength and the love of shoes. I also saw the dual study programme model as an opportunity to understand the theory and the practice at the same time and so start my career more quickly.

What makes your work special?

The things I enjoy most about my work are the contact I have with a lot of different colleagues, the wide range of activities, and the motivation to develop things further and make them better or easier.

The far-reaching range of issues and discussions with colleagues make every single day at work different! I have the chance to work very independently and our shared motivation keeps the company dynamic. It is so special to have the feeling that the projects we implement really do change and improve something.

What is Wortmann like as an employer?

The first thing that comes to mind is the unique company culture. There is a really good company and working atmosphere and I imagine that the positive interaction between colleagues would be hard to beat. You very quickly feel that you are part of the company. I also find it admirable that Wortmann is so dynamic on the one hand and is constantly changing because of its continuing growth, but on the other hand you still get a certain sense of tradition and the feeling of a family company.

If you had to describe Wortmann with three adjectives, what would they be?

Goal-oriented, down-to-earth, young

What has been your unique Wortmann experience?

I had my unique experience in a Tamaris store in Munich. I saw a shoe that I developed during my 3-month stay in China in a store here for the first time. During the months I spent there, the Spring/Summer collection for the next year was being developed. All these shoes that I had seen as the designer's sketch or a supplier's prototype were now 'ready' in the stores. It's more or less an everyday occurrence for a Product Manager but for me it was something special and unique.