Which dual study programme are you completing at Wortmann and why did you choose it?

I have a great affinity with fashion, and I love shoes. I also wanted to get a sound commercial basis in order to expand my horizon in this industry by adding international expertise. Wortmann offers you the chance to combine a love of shoes and fashion with specialist commercial expertise.

A fantastic opportunity for any young person looking for an employer who stretches you as well as supporting you. Completing a training programme at Wortmann gives you fantastic career opportunities because it is a renowned, well-known and popular training company.

Wortmann is an international organisation which sells shoes in over 70 countries. For example the Tamaris brand has enabled a prominent and successful brand profile to be built up.

There are a lot of interesting fields of work in a company like this: from product management or planning, putting together the collections and distribution to building a structured retail trade, sales and advertising. There is therefore a broad spectrum of training opportunities on offer. Who wouldn't want to learn here

How do your practical and theory phases work?

The block teaching is a good mix of practice and theory. The three-month practical phases give me the opportunity to gain immediate and precise insight into how the individual departments operate and the work they do. They mean I can become familiar even with complex and lengthy work processes. Different start and end times because of the various departments make working life very varied and enjoyable. And this allows me to concentrate fully on each phase.

During the school block, I am very close to Wortmann at the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Berufskolleg college. This block means six weeks of learning, which sounds worse than it really is. We work in small classes towards a shared aim, which brings the class closer together and also makes learning more efficient. But the most important thing for effective learning is good teachers. I have the luxury of having skilled and understanding teacher in every subject which means a lot of fun and good grades as well.

There are ongoing in-house English lessons on offer with a Cambridge Certificate at the end.

All-in-all, I cannot image having better support throughout my practical and theoretical phases.

What do you need to bring to Wortmann if you want to follow the training programme/dual study programme?

In addition to a lot of enthusiasm for shoes, you need to have a communicative and open personality and always be willing to get on with things. Wortmann likes unique people with a smart appearance and of course: good grades.

So for young people who are interested in speaking English, have an affinity with fashion and want to achieve something in their career, Wortmann is the ideal employer.

What distinguishes Wortmann as an employer?

Wortmann offers an efficient team of nice employees, and the company's structure brings a certain degree of security. It's rare to find a company that values its employees' well-being as well as constantly increasing its turnover. We also foster good relationships between colleagues and a great working atmosphere at Wortmann. As a trainee, I am seen as a colleague, valued, taken seriously and included in developing processes and resolving problems. It's a feeling that doesn't come to the fore in every successful company.

If you had to describe Wortmann with three adjectives, what would they be?

Fashionable, creative, dynamic

What has been your unique Wortmann experience?

My absolutely unique Wortmann experience was: seeing how our Group presented itself at one of the world's biggest footwear trade fairs, the GDS. To see how the shoe product is sold on a large scale, to see the unbelievable size of each of the Group's individual booths and the complex design of each of them, it's amazing. A trade fair just for shoes and shoe manufacturers from all over the world and us as one of the biggest footwear manufacturers practically at the heart of it. It was a feeling that filled me with pride and one of the many occasions where afterwards you can say: "Wow! It's wonderful that I get to work here!"