What is your job title and what activities are behind it?

I am employed as an Application Developer at Wortmann KG. My job is to transform ideas and concepts into application software. In this role, I mainly concentrate on the topics of invoice writing and omni-channel web service.

What brought you to Wortmann?

I was looking for a large company in the region that would enable me to take a dual degree programme in Business IT. An apprenticeship presentation at a jobs fair drew my attention to Wortmann, where I found the ideal trainee position for me.

What makes your work special?

As an Application Developer, I work in one of the most varied jobs in IT. I am regularly faced with new tasks with a range of challenges, and manage to find the perfect solutions.

What is Wortmann like as an employer?

A special feature at Wortmann is undoubtedly the solidarity and the atmosphere in the teams. That comes mainly from the mix of new and long-standing staff.

If you had to describe Wortmann in three words, what would they be?

Dynamic, cooperative, fashionable.

Tell us about a unique Wortmann experience you have had.

It is difficult to pick just one experience here. It is more about the sum of individual activities, be it projects that are implemented successfully, our trainees' trip to the shoe capital Pirmasens, or the escape game we did as a team event.