Data protection statement

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The Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG (hereinafter referred to as the operator, is delighted that you are interested in our company and our products/services and want you to be assured that we will protect your personal data.

Protecting your private environment will be key to the future of internet-based business models and the development of an internet-based economy. This data protection statement is therefore to emphasise our commitment to protecting your privacy.

Our employees and the service providers we use are obliged to keep your details confidential and to comply with the provisions of the German Data Protection Act and other relevant data protection regulations.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and thus adhere strictly to the regulations of the Data Protection Act.

By way of explanation: 'Personal data' according to the German Data Protection Act definition means information regarding the personal or business relationships of a specified or specifiable natural person. This includes, for example, your name, your geographical address, your account number, your e-mail address and your IP address.

This statement summarises how we aim to ensure such protection.

Use and circulation of personal data

We will use any personal details which you provide to us via our website or other channels in order to correspond with you, and data will be collected, processed and saved only for the purposes for which you provided the details to us. We may also use this data to send occasional offers to you and to tell you about new products or services and other activities that may be of interest to you. You may object this use of your data at any time by means of suitable communication, for example via an e-mail to .

Where necessary we will also pass information to companies, services providers or third parties associated with the operator. This may be necessary in order to perform a service or complete a transaction which you have requested, complete event and seminar registrations, for customer services purposes or to inform you about services or products.

Where personal data is passed on to third parties, we restrict this to the information that is necessary for us to perform the specific service. The third part provider may use this personal data only to perform the service requested or to complete the necessary transaction as instructed by us. Service providers are obligated by us to comply with data protection legislation. We will never pass on, sell, or otherwise make available your personal details to third parties for external marketing purposes.

Application data

Personal data which you provide to us when registering and/or submitting an application via the application portal (online application) is collected, processed and saved so that we can correspond with you and only in the context of our personnel selection process. You may withdraw your consent to save your data by e-mail with an appropriate instruction to .

Data processing on this website

For security and technical reasons, the operator automatically processes information communicated to us via your browser in your system protocols. In particular this means:

  • IP address (personal if applicable)
  • Name of the file retrieved
  • Date and time of the file retrieval
  • Volume of data transferred
  • Report as to whether retrieval was successful
  • Report as to why a retrieval failed
  • The name of your Internet Service Provider
  • Browser information (e.g. browser type, screen resolution)
  • Operating system
  • Website from which you visited our website.


Our websites use so-called cookies at various points. Cookies are small text files which are filed on your computer and saved by your browser. They serve to make our service more user-friendly, effective and secure. For example, they ensure the technical realisation of a user session for a password-protected download area. At the same time, these cookies provide us with information which enables to optimise our websites to the needs of our visitors.

Most of the cookies we used are known as 'session cookies'. They are deleted automatically when you leave the website. However some of these cookies are saved for a longer period. Cookies may be saved for a maximum of up to one year.

All the cookies on our websites contain purely technical information in pseudo anonymous or anonymous form and do not contain any personal data.

If you wish to prevent cookies from being saved, you need to select 'block cookies' in your browser setting. If the browser does not accept cookies, the functionality of our website will be severely restricted however. This means that certain functions will no longer be available.

Social plug-ins


Our website uses social plug-ins ('plug-ins') from the social network which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ('Facebook'). These plug-ins are recognisable by the Facebook logo (white 'f' on a blue tile or a 'thumbs up') or with the 'Facebook Social Plug-in' affix. This list and appearance of Facebook social plug-ins can hier be seen.

When you open up one of our internet websites which contains such a plug-in, your browser forms a direct connection with the Facebook servers. Facebook transmits the content of the plug-in directly to your browser which then embeds it in the website. We therefore have no influence over the amount of data which Facebook collects using this plug-in and advise you follows regarding our level of knowledge:

By embedding the plug-ins, Facebook receives the information that you have opened the specific page of our website. If you are logged into Facebook, Facebook may correlate your visit with your Facebook account. If you interact with the plug-ins, for example by pressing the Like button or making a comment, the relevant information will be transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook and saved there. If you are not a member of Facebook, there is still the possibility that Facebook may detect and save your IP address.

For details of the purpose and scope of data collected and its further processing and use of the data by Facebook as well as our associated rights and settings options to protect your privacy , please see the FFacebook data protection statements.

If you are a member of Facebook and do not want Facebook to collect details about you via our websites and link them to your membership details saved on Facebook, you must log out of Facebook before visiting our website.

It is also possible to block Facebook social plug-ins with add-ons for your browser, for example using the 'Facebook Blocker'.

Google +1

Recording and transfer of information:

You can use the Google +1 button to publish information worldwide. Via the Google +1 button, you and other users receive personalised content from Google and our partners. Google saves both information that you have provided for +1 content as well as information via the site that you viewed by clicking on +1. Your +1 may be inserted as tips with your profile name and your photo in Google services such as search results or in your Google profile, or on other places on websites and advertisement on the internet.

Google records information via your +1 activities in order to improve Google services for you and other users. To use the Google +1 button, you need a globally visible public Google profile which must contain the name selected for the profile as a minimum. This name is used for all Google services. In some cases, this name may also replace another name which you have used when sharing content via your Google account. The identity of your Google profile may be displayed to users who know your e-mail address or who have other information from you buy which they can identify you. In addition to the purposes explained above, information you provide may be used in accordance with the applicable Google data protection provisions. Google may publish consolidated statistics regarding users' +1 activities or pass these on to users and partner such as publishers, advertisers or associated websites.


Twitter service functions are embedded in our web pages. These functions are provided by Twitter Inc., Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. If you use Twitter and the 're-tweet' function, websites you have visited will be linked to your Twitter account and can be viewed by other users. This means that data is also transferred to Twitter.

Note that as the site provider, we are not aware of the content of the data transferred or how it is used by Twitter. Further information can be found in the Twitter data protection statement at

You can change your Twitter data protection settings in your account settings at

Additional details regarding the use and transfer of personal data

The operator may be obliged by judicial or court order to disclose your data and associated information. We further reserve the right to use your data for the enforcement of or in defence against legal claims. In accordance with applicable legislation, we further reserve the right to store and pass on personal and other data as necessary to detect and combat illegal activities, attempted fraud or breach of the operator's terms and conditions of use.

Secure communication via the internet

We strive to transfer and store your personal information in such a way that it inaccessible to third parties by utilising every possible technical and organisational measure to make.

However the internet is generally considered to be an insecure medium. Unlike a telephone line for example, unauthorised third parties can easily intercept, record and even change data in the internet .

The encryption of data transmission

In order to safeguard the confidentiality of communication with you, we use AES 256 bit SSL encryption for certain functions (log-in, etc.). According to the current state of knowledge, this encryption which we use is considered to be secure. This level of security is achieved by the later generation of operating systems and browsers, and if necessary you should update the operating system and browser on your PC so that you can use this high-level encryption.

If communication by e-mail is not encrypted, the whole data security cannot be guaranteed and we recommend that any confidential information be sent by post.

Updates to this data protection statement

If the operator introduces new products or services, changes internet processes of it internet and IT security technology develops, the data protection statement will be updated. We therefore reserve the right to modify or amend the statement as necessary. We will publish any changes on this website.

The right to access/delete and amend personal data

Should you have any questions which are not answered by this data protection statement or if you require more detailed information regarding any of the points, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you no longer consent to your personal data being saved or if said data is incorrect, we will correct, block or delete your data on your instruction and in accordance with the legal stipulations. On request, you may receive details of the personal data we have saved concerning you. To request details, please contact:

Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG Klingenbergstrasse 1-3 D-32758 Detmold

Please note that we require proof of identity in order to respond to requests for information regarding the personal data we hold about you.

Data protection administrator

For general queries regarding the collection, processing or use of personal data by us and for general data protection information, please apply in writing to:

Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG Klingenbergstrasse 1-3 D-32758 Detmold